Meet Anel!



Meet 12-year-old Anel. His mom was five-months pregnant with the baby when she received sad news. Anel was suffering from spina bifida, scoliosis, and hydrocephalus. He seemed to have a long hard road ahead full of challenges. He can take a few steps with a walker. He is a little behind in school. Anel, however, does remarkably well despite his numerous illnesses.


Anel has a variety of cool interests. He listens to R&B and rap music. He enjoys watching and playing basketball. Anel is similar to most kids his age who love video games–he likes playing Mine Craft and Grand Theft Auto on his Playstation 4. He is a hard-working school student and his favorite subject is computer lab. Anel is also described as a lovely boy. He is shy but very respectful to people. He is happy and always smiling. Anel is living proof that even a combination of illnesses cannot withstand one determined heart.


Anel needs a wheelchair to provide better posture, comfort, and independence. Please be his sponsor!