Meet Annalise!



Meet 12-year-old Annalise. She was diagnosed with Down syndrome. She also endured an open-heart surgery. Annalise has been using a wheelchair for six years. However, she is slowly beginning to walk after having knee surgery and therapy. Annalise has many other trials, but she continues to be happy and upbeat.


Annalise has several interests. She is fascinated by beautiful princesses in movies ranging from Beauty and the Beast to Super Mario Brothers. Annalise likes sports and will soon sign up for adaptive T Ball in the Miracle League. Her favorite outing is visiting Disney World. She and her twin brother recently celebrated their birthdays at the exciting theme park. She is close to her brother; she even has twin dolls to match. Most of all, Annalise is an inspiring girl. Her strength is endless. She has gone through a lot of pain and always smiles. She endured nearly 20 surgeries and never gives up. Annalise is loving, too. Her mom gave the best description, “She has an extra chromosome, but it is the love chromosome.”


We want to give a special thanks to Broadrick for being Annalise’s sponsor!