Meet Asjah!



Meet 17-year-old Asjah. She was born a healthy girl and lived most of her life without any challenges. Unfortunately, Asjah suffered a terrible accident last year while riding an ATV with friends. The vehicle flipped and landed on top of Asjah. The ATV was lifted, but she could not stand and lost feeling below her chest. Asjah’s spinal cord was severely damaged. She spent eight weeks in the hospital.  She went from being a cheerleader to being unable to walk or stand. She also lost much of the strength in her hands. Asjah, despite the tragic change in her life, remains remarkably upbeat and positive. 


Asjah is a cool girl with varied interests. She watches medical dramas, including Grey’s Anatomy. She enjoys sports, especially soccer and cheerleading competitions. The latter is a huge interest since she used to compete in cheerleading. Her skills were extraordinary, evidenced by her display case full of trophies.  She is a driven school student and her favorite subject is science. Asjah’s goal is to be a biology teacher. This young lady is also artistic. She paints and draws using her vast collection of art supplies. Asjah ‘s room has various beautiful pictures created by her own hand, despite the muscle weakness. Asjah has a strong will to never give up or give in. Instead, she simply gives. Asjah is a sweetheart and everybody is drawn to her smile and kindness. She recently won homecoming queen and remained humble throughout the honor. Asjah’s life changed drastically after the accident. However, she managed to transform one day’s tragedy into a lifetime of inspiring triumphs!


Asjah received a Myolyn FES cycle thanks to the Frankino Foundation. This specialized bike will allow her to get important exercise and possibly recover many of her lost abilities. The bicycle will also be a great way for her to interact with friends. Asjah is loving being able to get the exercise she needs right in the comfort of her home!