Meet Austin!



Meet six-year-old Austin. He was diagnosed in 2018 with a form of spinal muscular dystrophy. The illness is sadly progressive over time. The first year he was diagnosed he started receiving physical therapy. In 2020, he visited his Grandma in Haiti. Unfortunately the pandemic began and Austin could not leave Haiti, which was unable to provide him with the proper therapy. Austin, as a result,  lost much of his muscle strength.   He currently cannot stand for long periods or put weight on his legs. He is unable to walk without maximum assistance. Austin remain positive and upbeat despite his tribulations.


Austin manages to have a fun childhood. He watches Ryan’s World, Lion Guard, and shows starring Mickey Mouse. Austin is a big Disney fan; his favorite movie is The Lion King. He listens to Disney soundtracks but also enjoys jazz music. Austin likes watching basketball and soccer, too. He sometimes prefers going out on the town. Malls and shopping are his favorite outings. Austin’s hobbies, however, are coloring and constructing things using blocks or Play Doh. Most importantly, Austin is a sweet boy who loves getting people to laugh and smile. He is very sensitive towards everybody’s feelings. He is a disabled boy with more challenges than most adults, however he always manages to put his trials aside and focuses on the tribulations of those in his life. He defines selfless. He defines angelic. He is our hero!


Austin needs a Trotter adaptive stroller to provide him with proper support and comfort while going around town or taking strolls outdoors. He currently uses a stroller that is too small and unsafe for transportation. Please be his sponsor!