Meet Aylah!



Meet nine-year-old Aylah. She was born a seemingly healthy baby until her parents noticed that the newborn was not behaving normally. She was diagnosed at a month old with a rare illness where the brain is formed without any connective tissue between the left and right hemispheres. The two halves cannot send signals to each other because of the condition. Her challenges are difficult. She is cognitively equivalent to a child of three years. Everyday tasks for Aylah are a frustrating trial because she cannot use the right side of her body. She endures epilepsy, too. This girl is cheerful despite her obstacles.


Aylah has fun in similar ways to other kids her age. She watches Peppa Pig and New Age Animations. Her favorite film is Pets. She also loves the smooth sounds of the popular performing artist Ed Sheeran. She likes seeing the variety of animals at Lowry Park Zoo and the Clearwater Aquarium. Aylah adores her pet Chihuahua. Aylah loves it when the energetic dog jumps on the bed and gives her a face-full of kisses. Most of all, she likes watching her younger brother play little league football. There are two words to describe Ayla. The first is brave. She has endured two brain surgeries and a debilitating illness and continues to smile. During recovery, she heard a song titled “Perfect”, and this became her favorite tune of all time. It is also the second word that best describes Aylah. She is perfect in every way.


Aylah needs an adaptive tricycle to help with the mobility in her legs. She will also have a great time riding the trike. Please be her sponsor!