Meet Bennett!



Meet seven-year-old Bennett. He was diagnosed with Hydrocephalus and Chromosome 6 deletion. The combination causes developmental delays and many other challenges. Bennett is nonverbal, although he is slowly and determinedly learning how to speak. He is also beginning to stand and walk using his gait trainer. He tries his best to be independent and go from sitting to standing without help. Bennett is a remarkable child who never lets his challenges keep him down.


 Bennett has similar interests to other kids his age. He enjoys children’s  shows with music, including Mother Goose Club. Bennett uses his tablet to play his favorite music, such as Wheels on the Bus. He also likes going out and having fun. Bennett attended the Strawberry Festival and loved the rides; He is becoming a true adrenaline junkie. Furthermore, Bennett is a hard-working school student, but his favorite period is P.E. when he can exercise and be active. He will even come up with ways to do his own exercises; his physical therapist calls him the Master Compensator.  This young boy rarely slows down and frequently needs help swinging, spinning, or jumping; afterwards, mom needs a nap! Meet Bennett.  Mountainous disabilities cannot slow down this hurricane!


Bennett needs a ramp for his home to make leaving easier and safer. Currently, his house has steps which make leaving dangerous. Please keep Bennett safe and be his generous sponsor!