Meet Carson!



Meet six-year-old Carson. He was diagnosed with Ring chromosome 14 syndrome—the condition is so rare that there are less than 100 confirmed cases globally.   He has spent much of his life in and out of hospitals. He suffers from muscle weakness and requires support to sit upright. Carson, despite these and other trials, is cheerful.


Carson has several interests. His favorite tv show is the animated series, Gigantosaurus. Carson is a soccer fan who roots for the Liverpool team. He loves being pushed in his wheelchair around on a skating rink. His favorite trip is going to Erie, PA and visiting the state’s nature parks. Carson gets so happy taking nature walks that he kicks his feet with excitement. He is also a tough boy who has been through a lot and still comes out smiling. He is cuddly, too—he will only take naps when somebody holds him in their arms. Meet Carson. Picking him up and letting him go will be impossible.


Carson needs a special tomato seat to provide proper support and comfort during family activities. Please be his sponsor!