Meet Charlie!



Meet 14-year-old Charlie. He was diagnosed with a difficult and recently discovered genetic disorder known as Bainbridge Ropers Syndrome. He is cognitively impaired and nonverbal as a result of the illness. Charlie can take a few steps and is mostly independent, but he still requires a lot of care from his family. Leaving the house for any reason is also too much for the young child. Charlie is happy despite being confine to his home.


Charlie likes many children’s pastimes. He  gets excited singing songs with his family, and his favorite melody is Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star. He is a fan of the book, You’re Smart, celebrating the Brightest Part of You. Charlie also adores watching his brother play basketball—the disabled boy smiles wider than a scoreboard whenever seeing is brother score. The family recently got a Golden Retriever, which bonded instantly with Charlie. She looks at him with adoration while he buries his toes in her soft fur. They are super cute together! Most of all, Charlie is known to be strong. Life has placed many obstacles in the boy’s direction, but he has never faltered from his path. The way begins at home and leads towards happiness. And by his side is a pup with a waggy tail.


Charlie needs a therapy tricycle to improve his overall cardiovascular fitness. His functional health is in decline since he has not been able to participate in therapy due to the covid pandemic. The trike is crucial to regain and maintain his health. He will also use the tricycle for recreational activity. Please be his sponsor!