Meet Connor!



Meet 17-year-old Connor. He was diagnosed with a chromosomal disorder known as 9Q syndrome. He is nonverbal and can briefly walk without help. However, he has severe seizures and has a high risk of falling. Connor, despite these and other trials, is a happy guy.


Connor has many interests. He likes watching YouTube Kids and his favorite movie is The Polar Express. He listens to Top 40 music and Disney songs. He loves visiting Disney theme parks, too. Connor, however, never goes anywhere without his iPad. He is most known as a class clown. He will intentionally point to wrong answers in class just to make everybody laugh. He likes to be the boss and has his own methods of communicating it is either his way or not at all. Connor is so cute that he often wins! Connor wins over hearts by always wanting hugs and kisses. Meet Conner. He is the thief who steals our hearts.


Connor needs a lightweight manual wheelchair to be independent. Please be his sponsor!