Meet Connor!



Meet 14-year-old Connor. He was diagnosed with a newly named disorder, Kleefstra syndrome. He has numerous challenges because of the illness. He has respiratory problems and needed to be in the hospital 11 times. He is cognitively delayed and nonverbal. Connor also has balance issues and needs assistance to walk—he gets the support by using a specialized belt that tethers him to an adult. The young boy remains positive despite these hardships.


Connor enjoys activities similar to other kids his age, and some pastimes that are unique and inspirational. He is a Disney fan, but his favorite is Cinderella’s castle at the Magic Kingdom theme park. He ends his day by reading Peter Pan as a bedtime story. Connor is a sports buff, too. He supports the Tampa Bay Rays, but most importantly he likes seeing his brothers play baseball. He adores his family, including a spunky Labrador. This boy and his dog get into all types of trouble, just ask his mom! Connor has greater interests, and these are crucial to his positive spirit. He has an unshakable faith in God. Connor watches Chapel TV and he loves services from his church. He listens to inspiring, spiritual music. The strong faith is reflected in Connor’s personality. His mom describes him best, “he’s the sweetest kid, he gives the best hugs, he’s never met a stranger and anyone who meets him falls in love with him!”


Connor needs a reverse walker with a seat. The important equipment will provide enough support for him to walk and be independent. Please be his sponsor!