Meet Cora Belle!



Meet five-year-old Belle. She was diagnosed with cerebral palsy, and the illness causes her several challenges. She suffers from violent seizures. She is cognitively underdeveloped and nonverbal. She has a hard time walking and hops to move forward. Belle is necessarily learning how to walk using her gait trainer. The young girl Stays strong despite her calamitous condition.


Belle enjoys a few pastimes. Her favorite movie is the hilarious Boss Baby. She reads the books series Brown Bear, Brown Bear. She has a favorite animal that is unique, the beluga whale. Belle went to an aquarium that had an exhibit for the mysterious animal—she did not want to leave. The little girl went home lovingly cradling a beluga whale plush toy. She likes jumping and moving her legs to any type of song, as long as it gets her in the dancing mood! Belle is also a hard-working student in virtual school–she is inquisitive and loves learning everything that could fit in her curious mind. She knows one thing for certain. For belle, life is beautiful.


Belle needs a therapy tricycle to improve her leg strength, endurance, and balance. This will help her to walk while also riding and having fun. Please be her sponsor!