Meet Juliette!



Meet four-year-old Juliette. She endured a difficult start to life. She was born prematurely and spent eight weeks in intensive care. She was not meeting typical milestones as a baby. Juliette was two years old and still not walking. Doctors eventually diagnosed her with a form of cerebral palsy known as Spastic Diplegia. Juliette is currently learning to bear weight on her legs while using a walker. She remains a vibrant girl despite the challenges.


Juliette enjoys several activities. She watches Minnie’s Bow Toons on the Disney Junior channel. Her favorite movie is Disney’s latest, titled Luca. Juliette listens to children’s music, but her favorite comes from the mega-hit film Frozen and is titled “Let it Go.” Juliette also likes reading books from the Mouse House—she is clearly a fan of Walt’s creations! She has other pastimes, though. She has fun sitting next to dad and watching soccer. She likes playing with her collection of beautiful dolls. Juliette, however, is more beautiful than any doll. She is loving and wakes up her mom each morning with kisses. She makes people laugh every day by coming up with a new way to make a funny face. Juliette is brave, too. She recently had surgery and was off pain killers only two days later. Juliette never complained. She smiled and was courageous through the entire process. This little girl is a big source of inspiration. Meet Juliette. She transforms tragedy into triumph.


Juliette needs a therapy tricycle to improve her leg strength, stamina, and balance. These enhancements will help her ability to walk. She can also have fun riding on the trike. Please be her sponsor!  



The very same day Juliette received her therapy trike she was out on the road! All kids deserve to have a fun afternoon riding a bike. This activity helps build different muscles in the body, helps with balance and coordination. Most importantly it provide peer interaction and fun!