Meet Darian!



Meet 13-year-old Darian. He was diagnosed with cerebral palsy, which has created several limitations for this young boy. He uses hearing aids and has a tough time speaking. Darian has low stamina and he moves short distances with his walker. He is courageous during these tough tribulations.


Darian has many interests. He is a huge fan of documentaries about the history and construction of bridges, railroads, and trains. He listens to pop music and his favorite group is Maroon 5. Darian is a diligent student who loves his science class. In fact, his dream is to travel the world and observe nature, especially volcanoes—he thinks this would be a blast! Darian is known to be a fighter. He does not view himself as having a disability. For him, obstacles do not exist. He has a clear path towards happiness and a great life!


Darian needs a power wheelchair to provide him with important independent mobility. Please be his sponsor!