Meet Dion!



Meet six-year-old Dion. He was born prematurely and weighed less than two pounds. He was diagnosed with hydrocephalus and cerebral palsy. Sadly, he spent seven months in intensive care.  Over his short life Dion endured several surgeries for a shunt and numerous operations on his hips and ankles. The latter were supposed to improve his ability to walk. The procedure was unsuccessful. Dion unfortunately cannot walk at all. He uses a wheelchair for mobility. Dion is also nonverbal, but he will soon use adaptive technology to help him communicate. The little boy is happy despite his overwhelmingly difficult start to life.


Dion’s interests include watching the TV shows Mother Goose Club and Barney. He is soothed by nursery rhymes and cries when they are finished, especially when the song is his favorite, “Itsy Bitsy Spider.” His favorite subject in school is reading. He likes story time and a lift-the-flap book titled, “Where’s Mommy.” Dion also loves animals, including his stuffed monkey. His favorite outdoor activities are taking strolls and soaking up a little sunshine. Dion, however, likes routines. He is comforted knowing when things are going to happen. Anything unexpected is stressful, but that can be true for many of us. Too often, especially in Dion’s life, surprises can change our lives forever in the wrong direction. Daring Dion, however, fights through these changes and remains smiling most of the time. And if a cuddle is in order, his family is there to provide.


Dion received a lightweight adaptive stroller for easier and safer transportation. His current manual chair is too heavy and unsafe. He is so thankful for his new stroller as it has a hi/low base. Special thanks to his sponsor the Tony Stewart Foundation.