Meet Dylan!



Meet 11-year-old Dylan. He was diagnosed with Duchenne’s Muscular Dystrophy. Dylan, unfortunately, fell and fractured  his femur. He has been completely confined to his manual wheelchair since the accident. Dylan is a remarkable boy despite his limitations.

Dylan has a wide array of interests. He listens to country music, and his favorite performer is Cody Johnson.    He watches the Netflix series, Quarterback. Dylan is a sports fan who loves football, baseball, and basketball. His favorite players are Jason Tatum from the Boston Celtics and Patrick Mahomes from the Kansa City Chiefs. He has a collection of baseball cards spanning across many years. Dylan also reads books about sports. His perfect day would be eating his favorite food, a thick-juicy steak from Texas Roadhouse, while watching an exciting game.  He has other interests, but his personality is the best part of all. He is determined and lets nothing hold him back.

He can be described in three more words, joyful, lovable, and friendly. People are drawn to Dylan and his wonderful spirit. Meet Dylan. He is the MVP of our hearts.

Dylan needs a vehicle lift to make transportation possible with his wheelchair. Please be his sponsor!