Meet Edward!



Meet 15-year-old Edward. He appeared to be born a healthy baby boy. His dad, however, was a PE teacher for special needs children and noticed that his son was not meeting typical milestones. Edward was eventually diagnosed with cerebral palsy. The young boy is now cognitively underdeveloped and nonverbal. He is also fully dependent for most tasks. Edward, even with his limitations, remains happy.


Edward has fun in several ways. He is enthralled with shows and movies about animals. His favorites are Animal Planet and Rio, respectively. He listens to inspiring Christian music. Edward participates in virtual school where he cannot wait for Storytime. He also exercises by moving on the floor–dad said Edward scoots around in a circle like a clock! Edward, most importantly, is known as a beautiful boy with a joyful spirit that is infectious. Edward makes our world a better place with each flash of his smile!


Edward needs a Recumbent therapy tricycle to improve his over strength and health. He will also have a blast riding outside with his family. Please be his sponsor!