Meet Edwin!



Meet 15-year-old Edwin. He was seemingly born a healthy boy who progressed through life as any typical child. Years later, Edwin began falling and had a hard time standing back up. He was eight years old when doctors diagnosed him with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. The illness is degenerative and affects muscle strength. Unfortunately, Edwin is completely confined to a wheelchair. This difficult condition, however,  does not hinder Edwin’s happiness.


Edwin has a variety of interests that are fun distractions from his trials. He watches the Christian-based tv channel, the Smile Network. He listens to inspiring Christian music. His favorite movie is Disney’s Cars. Similar to most teenagers, Edwin loves to play video games. He is also learning how to play the piano. Edwin is a homebound student, but he will eventually return to school when the pandemic is less scary. Edwin is brave, though. He pushes through his obstacles with a smile. He overcomes his limitations with a determined face. And, he looks forward to his future with a positive heart.


Edwin needs a therapy tricycle to maintain his overall strength, stamina, and range of motion. The trike will also be a fun way to exercise. Please be his sponsor!

Edwin recently received his very own therapy trike. His smile says it all a he rides down the road a happy teenager enjoying a bike ride! Thank you to all our generous sponsors!