Meet Efrain!



Meet six-year-old Efrain. He was born a healthy boy and never showed any signs of illness. He had, however, a unique and miraculous circumstance. Efrain’s family contracted the covid virus. The young boy did not show any symptoms, but he visited the pediatrician to check for covid. The doctor also had Efrain do a wellness check while at the office. The doctor was concerned about  the test results. Several specialists later and Efrain was diagnosed with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. His parents were surprised since their son did not show any abnormal behaviors, but the illness was caught early and treatments were able to minimize the lasting effects. Efrain is mostly confined to a manual wheelchair, although he can walk for a few minutes until getting tired. He can only walk on his toes, though. Efrain, despite this limitation, is a happy boy.


Efrain has an array of interests. He watches cartoons, but his current fun obsession is Star Wars and Baby Yoda. Efrain loves playing cars with his brother. They are best friends and spend all day playing and using their imaginations. Efrain is also a hard-working student. He recently won a Secret Student of the Day award for being the best behaved and completing all of his assignments. In fact, he is very attentive. He volunteers to assist his teachers in school. He is the first to help his mom clean whenever possible. Efrain adores his mom. He always says to her, “I love you,” or “I miss you.” He even tries to help by doing tasks on his own, including dressing himself. Two miracles happened in Efrain’s life. The first was finding his illness early. The second is, and always will be, Efrain’s heart that makes him perfect.


Efrain needs a therapy tricycle to improve his leg strength, stamina, and balance. The trike will also be another outlet to have fun outdoors. Please be his sponsor!



Efrain received his new therapy trike and was busy wheeling around! This therapy trike will hep build his muscles and prevent the muscle decay that comes with his diagnosis. 


Keep going Efrain!