Meet Elizabeth!



Meet five-year-old Elizabeth, also nicknamed Elly. This brave girl was born with a heart condition, and she had two heart transplants by the age of four. She also had a stroke at a month old. Shortly afterwards, she was diagnosed with cerebral palsy. She has muscle weakness and difficulty walking. Elly is a happy girl despite her harsh beginning.


Elly has several interests. She is a fan of Disney’s film Frozen and its character Anna. Elly enjoys songs and books about the starring character, too. Elly even has Anna’s dress which she wears whenever going to the hospital. She enjoys outings to Disney theme parks. Elly is most excited learning to swim—the feeling of being weightless helps her to feel better. Most importantly, Elly has a magical personality. She is smart. If she asks a person who is their favorite princess and they respond Elsa, then she is quick to remind them that Elsa is a queen! Elly is a brave girl with a great sense of humor. Elly lightens every place she goes, even if it is a hospital. Meet Elly. This charming girl is certainly not a princess. She is the queen of our hearts!


Elly needs a therapy bicycle to improve her leg strength and stamina. She can also have a great time riding the bike. 


We would like to give a special thanks to Athletes Helping Athletes for being Elizabeth’s sponsor!