Meet Ellyana!



Meet six-year-old Ellyana. She had a rough start when she was born with oxygen deprivation and was in intensive care for over a month. The loss of oxygen caused her to have brain damage and cerebral palsy. She can walk and stand with assistance. She is also nonverbal. Ellyana remains active and amazing despite her difficult beginning.

Ellyana has numerous interests. She listens to uplifting Christian music and has a collection of CDs from her favorite groups, including Cedarmont Kids. Ellyana enjoys attending live basketball games with her family. She loves spending time with her family, especially dancing and playing with her mom. She is known to be adventurous and will try anything. Her latest passion is participating in Equine therapy. Ellyana is a determined girl who pushes through all of her obstacles to experience a full and rich life. However, we are the ones who are richer for meeting Ellyana. She is our inspiration.

Ellyana needs a mount to attach a communication device to her wheelchair. This will make communication easier for the young girl. 


We want to thank Amaturo and the Galesi Family Fund for being Ellyana’s sponsor!