Meet Emma!



Meet 13-year-old Emma. She was diagnosed with Emmanuel Syndrome, a rare chromosomal disorder that affect multiple aspects of the body. Emma is cognitively equivalent to a toddler and nonverbal. She is hearing impaired and only has one ear.  She also has juvenile rheumatoid arthritis, a very painful condition that makes movement difficult. She struggles walking and standing as a result of her illnesses. Emma remains happy despite her daily trials.


Emma enjoys a few, fun activities that enhance her childhood. She listens to music by Lady Gaga, especially the soundtrack from her film A Star is Born. Emma is homeschooled and her favorite part is reading. The young girl is also obsessed with toys from the hit movie Toy Story. Her favorite characters and dolls from the film are Woody and Jesse. She has at least three dolls with her at all times. Emma treats them as if they were real, and she will even go to sleep holding their hands. Emma is very loving, too. She smiles sweetly while moving her hands around a person’s face and through their hair—it is her special way of showing affection. Emma’s name in Danish and other parts of the world mean complete, and this describes her perfectly. The most important part of Emma is her heart. It is unhindered by illness and makes her a beautiful and complete little girl.


Emma needs a stander to improve her ability to walk and stand. Please be her sponsor!