Meet Emma!



Meet one-year-old Emma. Sadly, she suffered from a stroke before birth and has numerous diagnoses. She has speech delays and infantile spasms. She is currently learning how to put weight on her legs. Emma has other tribulations, but nothing prevents her from being happy.

Emma manages to have a fun childhood. She adores the show, Miss Rachel. She listens to lullabies and other kids’ music. She enjoys going to parks that have accessible swings. Emma’s favorite toy is a light and sound penguin that she takes everywhere! Emma, best of all, is adorable. She smiles at everybody and likes clapping for people. She is determined, too. She works hard strengthening her muscles and doing new exercises. She pushes through the trials of pain and always emerges with the smile of victory. Emma is our inspiration.

Emma needs a bathchair to provide her with proper support and comfort during bathing. 

We would like to thank the Broadrick Foundation for being Emma’s sponsor!