Meet Fabian!



Meet 10-year-old Fabian. He had a brain tumor removed when he was just seven months old. The effects of the tumor and complicated surgery left him with a diagnosis of cerebral palsy.  He is unable to sit or stand without complete assistance. Fabian, despite these and other trials, remains cheerful.   

Fabian has a few interests. He listens to anything from children’s tunes to salsa songs. His favorite school subject is music, but he also likes being social with his classmates. He enjoys playing sports if the game involves a ball. Fabian especially loves bathing and feeling relaxed in warm water. Fabian, most importantly, is a remarkable boy. He makes friends everywhere and never meets strangers. He surprises everybody with his iron will to not merely live but thrive. Fabian begins each morning with a smile full of sunshine and ends the night just as bright. He clearly loves life. And his life makes our world a better place. 

Fabian needs a wheelchair to provide him with postural support and independent mobility. Please be his sponsor!  



Fabian received his very first wheelchair. The before and after is so impressive mom could not stop crying! “I’m so happy to finally be able to see him sitting comfortable. He even looks taller as he’s sitting up straight!” said Fabian’s very happy mom.