Meet Gabriella!



Meet three-year-old Gabriella. Her mom was concerned that the newborn baby was not meeting normal milestones. Eight months passed and Gabriella was having severe seizures. She spent a week in the hospital to get the frequent seizures under control. She was a year old when doctors finally diagnosed her with epilepsy. Sadly, her trials continue to this day. She seizes once a week. Gabriella is developmentally delayed and nonverbal. She cannot walk. Gabriella is able to crawl and use a wheelchair for mobility. This girl remains brave in the face of hardships.


Gabriella is able to enjoy fun activities even with her limitations. She is mesmerized by the Dancing Cow show on YouTube, but any cartoon with animals gets her attention. She listens to nursery rhymes and her favorite is “Old McDonald.” She plays with toys that light up and makes exciting sounds. Gabriella does not always want to be indoors, though. She loves swimming  at the beach or playing in the sand. She is exhilarated   whenever riding on swings in the park. All of these activities compel Gabriella to smile and laugh. She is known to be sweet and lovely. Gabriella is known to warm our hearts. Her name fits, too. In certain cultures, Gabriella means God gives strength. This disabled child certainly has endured a lifetime of anguish in a few short years. Her strength, however, is beyond measure. Well, almost. It can be measured each time she smiles. And that never fades.


Gabriella received a ramp for home so she can leave and enter safely when using her wheelchair. Special thanks to Harmar and Advanced Mobility for installing her ramp and for Bearman for being her sponsor.