Meet Gavin!


Meet five-year-old Gavin. He was diagnosed with Soto disorder. The condition causes his joints to be abnormally loose and flexible. The obstacle is exacerbated by another diagnosis called overgrowth syndrome, causing Gavin to grow at a more rapid rate.     Walking is difficult as a result of the illnesses, and he necessarily uses a walker. He also cannot take steps upwards on stairs or street curbs. Gavin is very brave despite his challenges.


Gavin enjoys a few, fun activities. He listens to several genres of music; he is currently learning how to sing We Wish You a Merry Christmas to prepare for the holiday at year’s end. He watches YouTube videos on his mom’s phone. Gavin, like most boys his age, also races his collection of toy cars while saying, “VROOM!” He attends school, too. Gavin’s favorite part of a school day is seeing his teacher who always makes the boy smile from ear to ear. Gavin’s best feature, however, is his personality. He is very goofy and silly. Gavin’s antics are legendary in his circle of friends and family. The boy is also stubborn, and he never takes no as an answer, even when it comes to his limitations. Gavin’s mom describes him as a sour patch kid. He is completely irresistible!


Gavin needs a therapy tricycle to improve his overall strength and stamina. The trike will be another way for him to play, too. Please be his sponsor!