Meet Hansel!



Meet six-year-old Hansel. He suffered from a tragic accident that caused oxygen loss. His family and doctors thought the little boy would not make it through the difficult ordeal. Hansel, however, proved to be a fighter. He survived but the effects of the accident remain. He was diagnosed with cerebral palsy. Hansel is bed bound, but he is slowly regaining movement. Hansel is remarkably joyful despite his insurmountable trials.


Hansel likes a variety of pastimes. He relaxes to music by Baby Mozart. He loves his new dog named Gretel. They named the dog and now Hansel and Gretel are best friends. Hansel and his family enjoy going to the park for a lovely stroll through nature. Hansel is full of life and never stops moving, even when he is in bed. He is always laughing, whether during good or bad times. Hansel somehow knows that laughter is best and most important during the bad times. In this way, Hansel fights each day for his life and for the quality of living. The name Hansel means gift from God. This little boy is truly a miracle.


Hansel needs an adaptive stroller to provide appropriate trunk support and comfort while taking walks or going into town. Please be his sponsor!  



Hansel received a Convaid Medical stroller. Mom shared with us how easy it was to go on short errands or to quick doctors visits with a lightweight stroller that she can easily fold. This stroller provides Hansel with all the accessories he needs to be comfortable while keeping him safe and in proper posture.