Meet Helen!



Meet two-year-old Helen. She had a difficult start in life. She was diagnosed with Congenital Myotonia, which causes such severe hypotonia that the little girl could not breathe after her birth and she was rushed into intensive care. She spent 24 days in the NICU and endured two difficult surgeries. She is now completely dependent on her family for all daily living tasks. She is also nonverbal. Helen, despite her monumental trials, is intelligent and content with her life.


Helen seeks fun in simple ways. She watches the tv shows, Cocomelon and Pokoyo. Helen laughs with these characters, and she can even feel their pain during sad moments of the show. She listens and dances to a wide variety of music. She likes being active and going to therapy. Helen also enjoys books, including My Belly Button and First 100 Words. Only three words, however, are needed to describe Helen. She is known to be loving, endearing, and quite obstinate. These qualities and her family are the best medicine for her illness. Helen, in turn, is the sunshine cure to brighten anyone’s bad day!


Helen needs a Hi-Lo activity chair so she can sit with better support and comfort while being social with her family. Please be her sponsor!