Meet Holly!



Meet 11-year-old Holly, whose  life was difficult from the beginning. She was born unable to breathe and spent two days in an incubator. In 2017, she suffered from severe seizures which caused two strokes.  Holly was eventually diagnosed at eight years old with Costello syndrome, a rare genetic disorder that affects nearly every crucial system of the body. Holly is cognitively challenged and nonverbal, although she is able to say a few words and can communicate by pointing at objects. She cannot walk and stands with difficulty. Her independent mobility is limited to scooching  around on the floor. The young girl is cheerful and fun despite her hard trail ahead.


Holly enjoys a variety of pastimes. She could watch Peppa Pig all day long if possible. She also enjoys listening to her mom read the Peppa Pig books.  She likes children’s music, and her favorite is “Wheels on the Bus.” Some songs inspire Holly to dance by raising her arms and wiggling from head to toe! She attends school and enjoys painting and coloring during art class. One activity above all others makes Holly light up. She giggles endlessly when playing with colorful balloons. Most importantly, Holly is affectionate. She frequently gives her mom hugs and kisses. This little girl is able to defeat her complex illness with the simplest solution. Love.


Holly needs a manual wheelchair for better fit and function. She currently has a toddler stroller that is too small and does not provide any support. Her muscles are becoming tighter as a result and this is causing her pain.         The new chair will be an improvement for her posture and comfort. She will have functional mobility at home and in the community, too. Please be her sponsor!



Holly has a huge smile in her very first wheelchair! We spoke to mom and she was so excited: “Holly just loves her new chair, its so pretty, and she fits so well in it. And it’s pink!”