Meet Imani!

Imani Hollis Picture

Meet 7 year-old Imani. She was a healthy and playful girl until her life changed a few years ago. After only showing symptoms of a virus, one day her mom woke Imani to find her face showing symptoms of a stroke. She immediately took her to the hospital, where she learned of a tumor that was found partially wrapped around Imani’s brain stem. Imani had to have emergency surgery, and Doctors removed a portion of the tumor. Unfortunately, she lost her abilities to talk, walk, and eat. As tragic as this event was, it did not stop Imani.

If the tumor was the immovable object, then Imani is the unstoppable force. She fought hard to regain her skills. She can now talk, and brave Imani has a lot to say as she often speaks. She also likes to listen, especially to her favorite song “This Girl Is on Fire,” by Alicia Keys. The inspiring song helped Imani through the healing process. The young girl is currently striving to recover her other every day skills. Imani is determination defined.

Imani needs an adaptive tricycle that will allow her to navigate freely, while strengthening her legs and improving her overall balance.  Please help Imani in her quest for freedom of mobility.