Meet Isaac!





Meet 15-year-old Isaac. He was born two months early and diagnosed with cerebral palsy, epilepsy, and other difficult conditions. He is unable to walk and depends on his family for many tasks. He is also nonverbal. Isaac is an upbeat boy even with challenges that try and keep him down.


Isaac has fun in a variety of ways. He is a fan of the hit show Glee and of the beautiful starring actress, Naya Rivera. He enjoys watching a family-favorite movie, Napoleon Dynamite. Isaac relaxes to old school hip hop and R&B music. He also reads the spooky-fun series of Goosebumps books. The young boy has three kitties, but his favorite is named “2.” All this and more contribute to Isaac’s everlasting smile. He is energetic, too. Mom has to keep up with her disabled son, but this is okay because he is her source of strength and inspiration. Isaac is the brave leader who marches on towards victory against the tyranny of his illnesses. He inspires his family to march by his side.


Isaac needs an Orbit Lift. Currently, Isaac is too heavy for his family to transfer and maneuver around the house. They have resorted to sliding him using bedsheets. An Orbit Lift will make transferring and mobility easier and safer. Please be his sponsor!