Meet Jacob!



Meet 17-year-old Jacob. He was diagnosed with cleft feet and sacral agenesis, a rare disorder that includes missing vertebrae. He walks with crutches and uses a wheelchair for school. The limitations do not hinder him from being a very cool guy.

 Jacob has many interests as other people his age. He is a fan of Star Wars and Marvels films. His favorite movie, however, is Guardians of the Galaxy. He is also a jazz aficionado. Jacob aspires to follow in the footsteps of famous jazz musicians by hoping to be a saxophone player. Jacob enjoys the outdoors, too. He feels great swimming and soaking in the sun at the beach. Jacob’s interests do not compare to the love he has for his friends. He treats them with compassion and wisdom—friends come to him for advice. Jacob’s philosophy is clear. Be kind to everybody.

 Jacob is hoping to get a driving evaluation to determine what types of hand controls he will need. Please be his sponsor so he can be independent around town.