Meet Jacquelyn!


Jacquelyn is a spunky 16-year-old sweetheart.  She enjoys meeting new people and is never at a loss for words.  She loves American Idol winner, Scotty McCreery and has even met him!  Like all teenagers, she just knows that she should be that special someone in her idol’s life!  In her spare team, Jacquelyn likes to read Nicholas Sparks books and interact with all of her friends on Facebook.  Jacquelyn hopes to one day be a teacher’s aid.

Jacquelyn has CP and epilepsy.  She is unable to stand or walk.  Her wheelchair won’t fit through the bathroom door at her home and barely fits in the hallway.  Her mom has injured her back and is no longer able to lift her.  Jacquelyn has to rely on aides or her older sister (who no longer lives at home) to help her with her basic needs.  Wheelchairs 4 Kids needs your help to give Jacquelyn the privacy that every teenager deserves.  We are working on installing a remote controlled ceiling lift that she can operate herself to take her from the bedroom to the bathroom.