Meet Jayson!



Meet 16-year-old Jayson. He was three years old  and not able to walk or run typical to a child his age. Jayson and his family also endured a car accident, leaving the boy’s leg fractured and in a cast. Parents remained concerned that his leg did not heal and improve in strength. Doctors performed various tests looking into Jayson’s lack of development. Finally, Jayson was diagnosed with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy at the age of seven. The illness caused the young man to be dependent on his family for all daily activities. He does not need help, however, being a great guy.


Jayson is determined in all aspects of his life. He has various interests, including football, music, and video games. He is also very intelligent and analytical. Jayson dedicates himself to learning programming languages in hopes of building a career around his extensive knowledge of the field–his competitive nature will help him to succeed. He is focused on his future, but he remains loyal and devoted to his family. His favorite pastime, above all others, is spending time with those he loves. He is clearly remarkable. Jayson endured an accident and pushes through an illness, and the strength of his heart never falters.


Jayson needs a vehicle lift so he can get around town in his heavy powerchair. The equipment will make it easier to keep doctor’s appointments or social gatherings. Please be his sponsor!