Meet Jay’vion!



Meet six-year-old Jay’vion. He was born a healthy baby boy until a tragic incident caused a traumatic brain injury and paralysis. His life was changed forever. He endured two brain surgeries and spent four months in a hospital. All of this affected his mobility. He currently cannot walk without his gait trainer. His heart, however, remains strong.


Jay’vion is determined to put the challenges behind him and have a fun childhood. He enjoys watching Paw Patrol and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. His favorite movie is Shrek—his hardy laughter while seeing the film could impress even the giant ogre. He shows a playful side by pretending to be Curious George. Jay’vion would say his favorite activity is playing with toy trucks, although his mom said he really wants to scream and shout! He is also attending online school and relishes Storytime. This boy has great interests, but there is more to him than the fun stuff of childhood. He never gives up and refuses to ask for help when an obstacle arises.  He pushes through it all with a positive attitude. He shares, in the best way possible, his heart by making friends and never meeting strangers. His tough spirit is the foundation of inspiration for his family. His cute dimples and eternal grin are the source of pure joy. His kindness to others is a beacon of goodness to guide us all. Meet Jay’vion. Tragedy will not be seen in his face. Instead, perfection is there with a smile.


Jay’vion needs a therapy tricycle to improve his strength, posture, motor control, and independence. He can also play outside using the trike. Please be his sponsor!