Meet Joaquin!



Meet 12-year-old Joaquin. He was diagnosed with a hereditary connective-tissue disorder known as Ehlers Danlos Syndrome. Joaquin has a lot of pain and fatigue because of the illness. He struggles walking long distances. Joaquín’s guardian, his dedicated grandmother, pushes him around town using a shopping cart. He is a cheerful boy despite this difficult illness.


Joaquin has a variety of interests. He enjoys playing video games, despite finding them frustrating.  He watches football, especially the Dallas Cowboys. He and his grandpa listen to country music. Joaquin is a hard-working student, and his favorite subject is PE. He tries to be physically active even though it is painful. Joaquin loves swimming—the water makes him feel weightless and energized. Most importantly, Joaquin is a great kid. He loves giving people hugs. He is thoughtful and does things to help his friends and family. Clearly, Joaquin’s illness has not affected his heart. He has, however, affected our hearts. We all love him!


Joaquin needs a wheelchair lift for the family vehicle. This will make transportation easier and safer for Joaquin. Please be his sponsor!