Meet Jonas!



Meet four-year-old Jonas. He was sadly born with a drug addiction. He was in intensive care and had numerous life-threatening struggles. Jonas surprised doctors by surviving his ordeals. He was adopted at 11 weeks old by a loving family who took in the baby knowing he had cerebral palsy. Jonas cannot walk or stand without his gait trainer. Jonas, despite his challenges, continues to move forward with a smile.


Jonas has an array of interests. He watches the film Moana once a day. Jonas listens to songs that have good beats, but his favorite is hearing his brother play the drums. He enjoys playing with his racetrack and trying to slide random objects down the ramps. Jonas also has fun cuddling on a dog bed with his Basset Hound. He has other interests, but they are not as important as his personality. He is described as a happy-go-lucky kid. Jonas is full of energy, and he has a magical way of spreading joy to people. Jonas enjoys songs with drums, but the best music is the beat of his inspiring heart.


Jonas needs a tricycle to improve his leg strength and balance. He can have fun riding the trike, too. Please be his sponsor!