Meet Jose!


Meet 18-year-old Jose, who was diagnosed with cerebral palsy. He is cognitively limited and mostly nonverbal as a result of the illness. Jose is also weakened on his left side and he uses a wheelchair for mobility. He continues moving forward despite his obstacles.

 Jose enjoys a few activities that make his life fun. He watches shows on his IPad, and they include Thomas the Train and Peppa Pig. Jose likes listening to soothing music, but he loves a special birthday song that his dad has been singing since the young boy was still in the womb. Jose likes more things, but his favorite above all others is Santa Claus. The jolly, gift, giver, and magic maker get Jose to light up brighter than a Christmas star. Jose, more importantly, is known to be strong willed and a loving son. The best gifts are not always wrapped in a box with a ribbon—this present from Heaven takes the form of a disable boy who has enough courage to inspire us all. This is evidenced when Jose, who can barely speak, determinedly says to his mom, “I love you.”

 Jose needs an activity chair to provide alternative seating while participating with the family. Currently, he can only sit in his wheelchair, which can be too limiting. Please be his sponsor!