Meet Joseph!





Meet eight-year-old Joseph. He was born full term but with complications that caused jaundice and oxygen loss. He sadly spent 40 days a numerous hospitals and has been hospitalized over 30 times in his life. He was also diagnosed with cerebral palsy. Joseph has numerous constraints due to his illness. He is unable to sit upright without support from pillows. He is cognitively delayed and nonverbal. He cannot bear any amount of weight on his legs. Joseph is a wonderful child who does not give in to his condition.


Joseph enjoys several activities to enhance each day. He watches Oscar’s Oasis, a unique French and South Korean animated series about a lizard’s misadventures in a vast desert—Joseph makes  funny faces when the characters get into trouble. His other favorite characters are from Disney’s classic film, The Jungle Book. Joseph also listens to inspiring and upbeat kids’ Christian music. The best part of this boy’s day, however, is when his dad comes home from work and they spend quality time together by going to the park. Joseph also adores his baby sister. He loves her so much that you can see it in his eyes as he tries stroking her gently, despite having little movement in his arms. In certain parts of the world the name Joseph means God will increase. Clearly through the grace of God, Joseph increases the amount of love in our world.


Joseph needs an activity chair to provide proper support and comfort while he participates in family gatherings. Please be his sponsor!