Meet Juan!





Meet 12-year-old Juan. Sadly, his life began in turmoil. He suffered a stroke at only six months old, damaging most of his brain. Juan now has cerebral palsy and global developmental delay. He is cognitively equivalent to an infant and nonverbal. He is also blind. Furthermore, Juan is unable to walk. He has more struggles than can be counted, however, his heart is at peace.


For Juan, the simple things are important. He compensates for his blindness by enjoying anything with sounds. He plays with toy cars with various noises. He uses a switchboard at school that creates sound effects whenever he pushes buttons. He enjoys going for walks in the park and feeling the wind on his face. Juan also loves cuddling. Hold him close and he will snuggle and fall fast asleep. Make Juan laugh, however, and he can loosen a hearty guffaw strong enough to bring down the comedy house. Meet Juan and find all the world’s bravery in this 12-year-old boy.


Juan needs a bathroom modification to make showering easier and safer. His family attempted their own modifications, but it ended in a disastrous leak. Please be Juan’s sponsor as soon as possible to improve his bathroom!