Meet Katherine!



Meet eight-year-old Katherine. She was diagnosed with cerebral palsy shortly after missing normal milestones. She has numerous limitations because of her illness. Katherine is mostly nonverbal, although she is bilingual and will pick words that are the easiest to speak. She can take a few steps but only with assistance. Kathleen keeps moving forward despite the obstacles in her way.


 Katherine is determined to have a fun childhood. She watches YouTube videos on her Tablet. Her favorite is Ana Emilia, who does a variety of crafts. Katherine listens to music by Jojo Siwa. She also attends school and loves socializing and dancing with her friends. Katherine shows her generous side when she shares anything with her teacher. The sweet girl likes being with her family, too. She becomes excited whenever bouncing on a trampoline with her parents. Sometimes, however, the simplest things matter the most. Katherine recently learned how to flip light switches. She has become obsessed with her newfound knowledge and, if allowed, could play with the switches all day long. Katherine, however, does not need to turn on any lights. Her personality and smile can brighten up the darkest room and give warmth to the coldest heart.


Katherine needs a stander to help improve her ability to walk and give her more independence. Please be her sponsor!