Meet Keegan!



Meet 18-year-old Keegan. He was diagnosed with a disorder which causes uncontrollable tumors to form in the nervous system. He has endured many surgical procedures. He has several trials each day, including low stamina and difficulty walking. Keegan, despite his harsh illness, is a brave boy who manages to have fun.

Keegan has a variety of interests. He listens to instrumental music and is curious how the songs are composed. He is a fan of the Tampa Bay Lightning hockey team. His hobbies include travelling and playing video games. Keegan’s greatest passion, however, is cooking. He loves cooking shows and reading recipe books. He enjoys eating Italian and French cuisine. Keegan even produces his own culinary creations. Keegan has a fantastic personality, too. He is highly intelligent and always wants to know the finest details when making plans. He has a strong intuition about people’s feelings and often shows concern when somebody is having a sad day. Keegan could easily focus on his own tribulations. Instead, he inspires us all with his heart of gold and his best ingredient for life, love.

Keegan needs a vehicle lift for his wheelchair to make transportation easier and safer. Please be his sponsor!