Meet Keneas!



Meet five-year-old Kaneas. He was diagnosed during his 20th week gestation with a chromosomal disorder known as trisomy 18. Many aspects of the body are affected by the illness. He is cognitively underdeveloped and his ability to speak is impaired. Kaneas cannot walk and needs maximum assistance to stand. The brave boy also endured numerous surgeries, including an operation on his heart. Kaneas remains a happy boy despite his tribulations.


Kaneas does not allow his disability to get in the way of a fun childhood. He watches the hit shows Blues Clues and Curious George. His favorite movie is the first Frozen film. He listens to upbeat music, especially  when the rhythm of drums get his legs moving. Kaneas is a student in a homebound program, and the boy’s favorite part is singing with his teacher. He can also play ball all day with his family. Kaneas, most importantly, is known to be courageous. He has suffered through many hardships, and yet the word suffering would be foreign to the child. He smiles through it all. He is also quite adorable and knows how to work his cuteness to get things going his way. Meet Kaneas and find a miracle in his smile.


Kaneas needs a vehicle lift for his wheelchair. The equipment will make transportation to doctor’s appointments possible. He could go on fun outings with his family, too. Please be his sponsor!