Meet Kevin!


Meet four-year-old Kevin, who was diagnosed with cerebral palsy. He has challenges walking because of his illness and tendon issues. Kevin uses braces for support  and walks on his toes, but he still needs assistance. Kevin continues to move on despite this limitation.


Kevin enjoys some fun childhood pastimes. He is a huge fan of the Home Alone film and watches the movie repeatedly in a single sitting. He likes books about dolphins. Kevin also spends quiet time putting together puzzles. He is a hard-working student at school. Kevin’s personality, however, is his best trait. He is described as loving and respectful.  He is everything to his family. They are everything to him, too. Meet Kevin. He was diagnosed with a difficult illness, but his homemade cure is a daily dose of love.   


Kevin needs a posterior walker to provide extra support to give him more independent mobility. The equipment will also improve his overall strength and health through exercise. Please be his sponsor!  


Kevin received his very own reverse walker and has been showing off his moves!! With the confidence the walker provides there is nothing that can stop him now! Way to go Kevin!