Meet Liliana!



Meet 17-year-old Lily. She was born in Spain without any complications. Lily, however, began to cry more than a typical baby. She would not sleep and was unhappy every day. Lily was discovered to have a virus that caused brain damage. Lily was then diagnosed with spastic quadriplegia. Lily is nonverbal due to her condition, but she communicates using facial expressions and technology. She needs assistance with daily living skills. Lily also uses adaptive devices to walk. Lily is a joyful girl despite her tribulations.


Lily has numerous interests similar to other teenagers. She watches the tv show “Big Bang Theory.” She likes the film “Easy A.” Lily also listens to pop-top-40 music—her favorite artists are Taylor Swift and Lady Gaga. Lily sometimes goes out with friends or family. She loves shopping and even going to museums. Lily is very intelligent and is eager to learn. She has fun reading her collection of encyclopedias. One of her favorite topics is art. This young lady has many more interests, but her personality is what shines the brightest. She is loving and kind to everybody, especially to her big brother. They are inseparable best friends. Lily is described by her family as a survivor. None of the challenges ever get her down. She is always with a bright, brilliant smile. Lily brings joy and beauty to our world.


Lily needs a medical stroller to provide better support and comfort for easier and safer transportation. 


Liliana received her new Leggero medical stroller thanks to her sponsor, the Batchelor Foundation. She received it just after her 18th birthday, and as a surprise Leggero even gifted her an Amazon gift card! Liliana is now able to get around easier without the use of her heavy wheelchair, as well as enjoy recreational activities. She is very happy and all smiles in her new stroller!