Meet Malachi!



Meet 10-year-old Malachi. He was born with Bone Dysplasia, Dwarfism, and arthritis. He was two years old and not meeting typical milestones. He has a lot of joint pain and low stamina. His legs are several inches shorter than a child his age. These issues cause walking and standing to be difficult for extended periods of time. In this way, Malachi does not have full independent mobility. He is a cool boy, however, despite these limitations.


Malachi has a wide variety of interests. He watches anime, but his favorite is Naruto. He listens to upbeat hip-hop music. Malachi likes to read books from the popular Dog Man series. He also watches football, and his favorite team is the Florida Gators. Malachi has been an active member of the Cub Scouts for three years. He has even been taking piano lessons, which is not easy with the discomfort of arthritis. Malachi has many interests, but most of all he’s a great kid. He is extremely giving. He always puts somebody else’s needs ahead of his own. He shares everything with his friends and family. Malachi’s name in Hebrew means messenger. The meaning is appropriate and his message is simple. Adversity can be conquered with a big heart and a determination to prevail.


Malachi needs a power wheelchair to provide him with independent mobility. Currently, he uses a manual chair in school, but he cannot take it home or push it for extended periods of time. The new equipment will help him immensely at home and in school. Please be his sponsor!