Meet Marcos!



Meet nine-year-old Marcos. He was diagnosed with numerous challenges, including cerebral palsy. He is confined to a manual wheelchair due to his illness. Marcos is a great kid with a resilient heart despite his obstacles.


Marcos has a variety of interests that give him a fun childhood. He is intelligent and knows how to use his mom’s phone to watch videos and listen to music. His favorite movies involve the web-slinging Spiderman. His favorite activity in the world is playing with his adorable kitty, but he can overdo it and end up with a scratch. Marcos Also likes going to school and seeing his friends—this is the only place he is able to be with his buddies. School is the best part of the day for this social boy. Most of all, Marcos is described by his family as a cool and calm kid. He continually overcomes the storm of illness with a radiant smile that penetrates our hearts like a ray of sunshine. He is our cure for a cloudy day!


Marcos needs a manual wheelchair to improve his posture, comfort, and independence. Currently, he is using a basic transit chair that does not fit his size and lacks appropriate support. Please be his sponsor!



Marcos got his wheelchair! It is no longer falling apart and dangerous! His smile says it all…he is happy, comfortable but most importantly he feels safe!