Meet Marely!



Meet four-year-old Marely. She was diagnosed with cerebral palsy. Sadly, she does not have any independent mobility and needs full support to sit upright. Marely has other limitations, but she is still joyful.


Marely has an array of pastimes. She giggles while watching fun cartoons. Marely listens to music where she can hear the instruments. She attends school and her favorite part is playing with colored blocks. Marely is also a bit of a diva who loves posing for photos on her mom’s camera. She is always smiling and happy, whether in front of the camera or not. Meet Marely. She is a picture-perfect example of courage and inspiration!


Marely needs a wheelchair to provide her with trunk support and better mobility. Please be her sponsor!



Marely received her very first wheelchair! She was all smiles as she was placed in her wheelchair for the very first time. Now Marely has a way of being comfortably transported as she was being carried by mom everywhere! This wheelchair not only provides her with safety but it gives her the opportunity to see the world around her