Meet Maria!



Meet seven-year-old Maria, who has endured more than most children. She was diagnosed with cerebral palsy which caused her to be cognitively challenged and mostly nonverbal. Walking is also exceedingly difficult as she can only take a few steps with assistance. The saddest part of her childhood, however, occurred three years ago. Maria’s parents were in a severe car accident. Her mom passed away and the dad became incapacitated. Miracles happen in unlikely places, though. Maria is remarkably joyful despite her tragic circumstances.


Maria enjoys numerous pastimes. She watches Mickey Mouse Club House. She loves dancing to fun, upbeat music. She is an avid reader and gets her favorite books from school. Maria is also a social butterfly who adores her friends and teachers. Maria is a popular girl in school and loved even more at home. She and her younger sister are raised by an amazing aunt and uncle. The dedicated couple describe Maria as always having a big, beautiful, smile. She is truly an example of a miracle. Maria endured painful tragedies, but she pushes through life with an angelic face and a peaceful heart.


Maria needs a manual wheelchair to improve her independence. Currently, she is using an adult-sized chair from school that is too big and uncomfortable. Her wonderful teachers are even willing to take a day off to pick up her new chair.  Please be her sponsor!      



Maria is all smiles in her new wheelchair. The difference is shocking! She is now able to be more independent at school and at home. Most importantly she is now in a wheelchair that is comfortable and safe for her!


Way to go Maria!