Meet Mason!



Meet eight-year-old Mason. Doctors noticed that a month after Mason’s birth that he had two heart defects and a cleft lip. The parents were saddened by the news and even more so by his diagnosis, Chromosome deletion. The rare condition has caused numerous challenges for the brave boy. He has spent much of his childhood in a hospital.  He is cognitively underdeveloped and nonverbal. Mason also struggles walking and standing. He spends most of the time moving around on the floor. Mason, despite his trials, is undaunted.

Mason finds his own way towards happiness. He has a collection of mirrors; he is fascinated by making faces with his reflection. Mason enjoys loud noises, especially when those sounds come from him banging on a set of drums! He laughs when people dance to his special brand of music. Mason also loves hanging out in the living room while watching his brothers play baseball. Mason adores his siblings; his smile increases exponentially each time he sees his brothers. The young boy, in fact, simply likes the company of people. He makes this clear by whining whenever somebody walks away. Fortunately, leaving Mason behind is nearly impossible. Meet Mason. He is a handful of happiness.

Mason needs a stander to improve his leg strength, balance, and stamina.    

This will increase his mobility and ability to walk. Please be his sponsor!