Meet Matthew!



Meet 13-year-old Matthew, who was diagnosed with cerebral palsy. The illness limits his mobility and independence. He changes between using his walker or wheelchair. Matthew, however,  is trying to focus more on using his walker to get exercise. He has a joyful spirit even with his challenges.


Matthew has interests that are fun and even uplifting. He is a fan of local sports, especially the Rays and Buccaneers. He enjoys learning about science at school, but his favorite part of the day is bike Thursday when he can ride bicycles with his classmates. Matthew likes  eating at his local Chili’s restaurant where he is a celebrity and everybody knows his name—cheers! All of this make Matthew smile, but what keeps him going is his faith. He is a strong Catholic and loves watching mass, especially if a service involves Pope Francis. Matthew also likes singing and listening to hymns. Matthew is excited that he will soon go on a trip with his church to Ireland. This will be a difficult journey for the disabled boy. The hardest path, however,  to take is one where a disabled boy can still smile. His best companion on the path is his unwavering faith in God. This keeps Matthew determined and strong, kind and loving. Meet Matthew and discover a peacefulness that is Heaven sent.


Matthew needs a therapy tricycle to improve his leg strength, stamina, and balance. He can also have fun riding the trike. Please be his sponsor.